New Book Launched

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In seeking excellence, we are aiming to perform at an above-average or exceptional standard. The pursuit of excellence therefore is critical for any organisation looking to thrive, not just survive, in a demanding and constantly changing global environment. Becoming excellent at what we do inspires those that work for us, our customers, and those around us to do better and be better.

This new book from award-winning authors Professor Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth is set to become one of the ‘Go-To Books’ for any organisation, company or government striving for Continuous Improvement and Excellence. It has received accolades from a wide range of industry leaders.

The book is a culmination of 5 years research undertaken by Hines and Butterworth. They visited over 100 companies and in this thought-provoking and practical book they share case studies from 40 of those that they believe demonstrate, in their own way, the Essence of Excellence.

So according to Hines and Butterworth what does separate the really great from the merely good? Their answer is clear, it is not just what you can see, or the tools that are deployed, but the feeling, the culture, the pure essence of the organisation. This shows itself in the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion for excellence.

Inspiring others to improve is without doubt Hines and Butterworth’s primary objective in producing this book and based on the resounding feedback they have definitely achieved this goal. Michael Phelan, Head of Operations and Supply Chain at Glanbia, Ireland summed it up:

“Within the Essence of Excellence, uniquely Peter and Chris through collaboration with so many colleagues that have worked on Continuous Improvement have been able to capture many lifetimes of learning’s in to this valuable resource. The Catch 22 about this book is that once you have read it you will want to share it, but you will also want to keep it for reference. My advice, buy two!”

The UK Book Launch was held on the 3 February 2019 at the multiple-award winning Accolade Wines in Avonmouth, Bristol (UK). The event was attended by over fifty industry leaders invited by the authors. Hines commented that it was “incredible to host the launch at one of the books celebrated sites and hear first-hand insights from the site’s General Manager, Richard Lloyd”. Visitors were also invited to tour this outstanding facility and see for themselves how and why they demonstrate Excellence.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon or Waterstones.  If you only buy one book this year, you should definitely get this one, or you could take the advice of Michael Phelan and buy two! You can also buy the book at

£1 of each book sale will be donated to the Friends of Chernobyl Children Charity. This charity supports children in South East Belarus who have been severely affected by the Chernobyl Disaster.