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We have over 800 members from around the world who join to share ideas on Lean and Continuous Improvement or contribute to research and reports.  Our members come from a wide range of industries and sectors – both public and private. We also have members from the Charity and Third Sector.

The power of the Forums is bringing together such diverse organisations and people to discuss how we can embed a culture of continuous improvement and lean thinking within our organizations.

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The Lean Forum encourages the sharing of ideas on Best practice, Continuous Improvement and Lean through a series of virtual networking events – we also arrange face to face visits and workshops at the request of members..

Sharing ideas with like-minded companies is a great way to navigate the changing market place, discover new ways of working and provide inspiration for improvement. Seeing first hand and talking with those that have implemented change will help you improve what you do and how you do it.

Members decide the topics and programme and the steering team organises the events which includes:

  • Visits to Member sites
  • Workshops
  • Best Practice Training

The Forum is made up of regional and sector clusters. New clusters will be set up as demand grows. We aim to ensure there are no competing organisations in any one cluster.

The Forum is sponsored and delivered by the following organisations:

About the Team

The Lean Forum is run by the members, however as they have much more important day jobs, we set up a Steering Team to help move things along and make sure the events happen. The Steering Team comprises the founding members and a guest member from each cluster.

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Stuart Wood 

Founder & Operations Director

Whilst Stuart undoubtedly reads far to many industry text books it does make him quite useful as an expert in the Lean Forum. Stuart is passionate about CI, Lean and Knowledge Sharing. Having worked with a number of leading UK Manufacturing Companies, Stuart has been involved in applying Lean, Six Sigma and a wide range of other CI tools. Stuart’s role is to provide guidance and direction to ensure we stay current and provide accurate and up-to-date industry advice to our members.

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Ailsa Carson

Events & Membership

Ailsa organises and plans the events, workshops and meetings. The Forum runs alongside her other company Onsite Insights – which is the UK’s National Best Practice Visit Programme.  Ailsa has been organising and managing visits to companies for over 15 years.

Ailsa and her team at Onsite Insights manage the day to day organisation of visits, workshops and membership.

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